Handwoven Bantu Sipatsi Bag

We love the BANTU basket bag. African traditional knowledge mixed with modern design. Each piece is made by local women, using the traditional Sipatsi weaving technique that combines basketwork and geometry symbols from the Tonga culture to brilliant effect. Handcrafted with natural ilala palm fiber in different patterns and colors. Finished with leather straps. Woven in rural Mozambique.

Exact colours may differ from the image on screen. As this product is hand dyed, hand woven and made of natural fibres. Please be aware that hand dyeing can often be unpredictable, but we value these subtle shifts and changes in hue and embrace them. These beautiful variations mean patterns and colors will vary and that each piece is unique.

Approximately production lead time: 3 weeks until dispatch

Product Size: L 25 cm x C 25 cm x H 17 cm (L 9.84 in C 9.84 in x  H 6.69 in)



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Dathonga Design

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100% Ilala Palm, 100% Leather tag


Sipatsi Stripe