Cheese Knife Slim & Round Plate Large

Featuring a modern design and clean profile, this solid Wooden Plate is ideal for that extra bit of personality on your table. Use it as a side plate, dinner plate or serving plate.

The serving vehicle can often be as much a source of conversation as the cheese itself. Serve your assortment on this beautiful wooden plate paired with crusty bread and a glass of vino, this large plate with cheese knife will built the ultimate cheese platter for you.

Plate Large: 30cm diameter x 2.2cm (H)
Cheese knife: 20cm (W) x 6cm (D) x 0.6cm (H)

Each piece is handmade, unique, reflecting the natural beauty and distinct character of the Oak/kiaat grain.

All our wood are treated with environmentally friendly natural oils.

As these are natural products, dimensions, weight and colour may differ slightly from product to product.

Expect a maximum lead time of 5-15 working days.


This brand works with highly skilled craftspeople, providing them with economic support while keeping ancient craft traditions alive. We select these brands based on their commitment to design, cultural preservation, social enterprise and community support.
This product was created with raw materials originating from plant life, animals or other materials of natural origin.
Natural Materials
This brand seeks to empower consumers to make more eco-conscious and ethical choices in their daily lives by creating products that are kind to our planet and its inhabitants.
Happy World
All of the pieces in this collection are one-off pieces.



ARK Workshop

Country of origin

South Africa