Bamboo Poncho with Mohair Textured Detail – Turquoise Blue


Tsandza’s core fibre is bamboo. A faster-growing plant that uses little water improves soil conditions and prevents soil erosion, and a mechanical spinning process to create yarn, is what makes bamboo a sustainable fibre. Also known as “bamboo silk” due to it’s beautiful sheen and fluidity. Naturally antibacterial, highly breathable, bamboo textiles are lightweight, cooler than cotton in the warmer weather, but still perfect to add a little warmth in the winter seasons.

Tsandza’s handwoven bamboo accessories are the perfect compliment to add a touch of luxury to your home and wardrobe! They also won’t lose their appealing softness, even after many washes, believe it or not, they actually get softer.

These poncho’s are hand dyed, handwoven and hand tasselled. The mohair is the yarn created from the soft hair of the Angora Goat. The texture of these scarves and shawls are refined making them very drapable and elegant.

Approximate production lead time: 2 weeks until dispatch.

Collection: Colourful Africa Contemporary

A contemporary interpretation of Africa’s vibrant colours. This collection combines both history and our current day design direction. Each has a bamboo base and with upcycled remnants of multicoloured dyed mohair to create texture using our moya stitch.

Exact colours may differ from the image on screen. Every throw is hand dyed with bio-degradable dyes. Hand dyeing can often be unpredictable, but we value these subtle shifts and changes in hue and embrace them as part of this sustainable manufacturing process. These beautiful variations mean patterns and colors will vary and that each piece is unique.


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