Artist Designed Blanket – Nenzima x The Urbanative


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This blanket was designed by South African furniture and product design company, TheUrbanative.

‘Nenzima’ was one of the most powerful African queens from Congo who made waves in the Mangbetu Court in the first decade of the 20th century.

Started by Mpho Vackier an engineer turned furniture designer, TheUrbanative team constantly explores the role of culture and cultural representations and visibility in modern societies, with the aim of telling contemporary African stories through furniture and product design.

“The overall shapes, lines and forms of this artwork are all inspired by the distinctive look of the elongated heads of most Mangbetu women in early 20th century history. Along with the elongated head, the hairstyles accompanying the women’s overall look was an oval or funnel-shaped coiffure which ended in an outward halo, originally symbolic of high social status, this was considered exceptionally attractive and powerful and hence the inclusion in TheUrbanative’s African Crowns Collection.” – Mpho Vackier

Material: 100% cotton sourced from BCI accredited farmers, Jacquard machine knitted with ribbed border
Size: 140cm x 180cm (55.11inch x 70.86inch)
Weight: Approximately 2,2kg per item

Note that sizing may vary slightly for each style due to the nature of the making process

Packaging: each branded blanket is beautifully packaged inside a custom calico bag along with an A6 print of the relevant artwork.


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