Aloe Vera Gel Shea Butter

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This Aloe Vera Gel Shea Butter is your one stop skincare solution. Is there any skin concern that aloe vera doesn’t solve?

It heals sunburn, accelerates wound healing, fights aging, reduces acne, and lightens blemishes. Throw some on your scalp even, and it will promote healthy hair growth and prevent dandruff. And since Nokware uses raw, natural aloe vera gel, you’re guaranteed all of these benefits plus some extra glow from their secret formula.

Scent: A delicate, sweet orange with a tinge of mint

Nokware Skincare Shea Butters have been rigorously tested (on humans only) and are formulated, made and packaged in – Domestic taxes paid to the destination country.
our clean, hygienic factory space in Accra. Test on a small section of your skin for sensitivity before use

**Note: Shea Butter may melt when exposed to high, hot temperatures or left out in the sun

Product Size:  W 9 cm x L 9 cm x H 7 cm


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Empowering Women
This product was created with raw materials originating from plant life, animals or other materials of natural origin.
Natural Materials
Certified non-GMO and produced without harmful chemicals. It reduces pollution, is safer for the planet and prioritises positive farming practices for biodiversity, soil management and increased income for farmers.
No parabens, SLS, petroleum, mineral oil, phthalates, formaldehyde or synthetic fragrances are used in any of the products in this collection.
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Nokware Skincare


Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Blend of Citrus & Peppermint Essential Oils

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