“We handcraft a collection of eclectic products, designed thoughtfully with a strong emphasis on the bountiful world of natural textiles.”

Mia Mélange is a woman-led lifestyle and interior décor brand that combines thoughtful design with functional modernism by creating high-quality handcrafted products using predominantly 100% cotton rope. Mia Mélange’s creations include baskets, bowls, planters, bags and ottomans. The handcrafted collection is largely made by unemployed women who are taught sewing techniques in the brand’s studio in Stellenbosch. The cotton for the rope, spun and braided locally, is sustainably grown by South African farmers who are members of the non-profit initiative Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

This brand empowers women by advocating for women leadership and creating a safe and fair work environment free of discrimination and harassment.
This brand works with highly skilled craftspeople, providing them with economic support while keeping ancient craft traditions alive. We select these brands based on their commitment to design, cultural preservation, social enterprise and community support.
A portion of proceeds from the sale of this product go towards disenfranchised groups that are specific to the brand’s social and cultural community.
This product was created with raw materials originating from plant life, animals or other materials of natural origin.
Certified non-GMO and produced without harmful chemicals. It reduces pollution, is safer for the planet and prioritises positive farming practices for biodiversity, soil management and increased income for farmers.

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