Who We Are

WhatWeCherish is Africa’s first woman-led, curated premier luxury marketplace, launched at the end of 2022 to celebrate responsible and conscious brands. Focused on B2B transactions, we offer small-batch, ethically crafted goods that meet high sustainability standards.

Our focus is on pioneering positive purpose and reshaping perceptions of African goods in the luxury space. We provide a thoughtfully curated selection of small-batch, handmade luxury items that embody superior craftsmanship and quality.

What We Do

At WhatWeCherish, we focus on promoting business between companies and small African brands and artisans. Our goal is to generate positive development impacts and expand market presence, particularly in retail, hospitality, and interior design. We also collaborate with private companies, including retailers and hotels, to create custom-made products tailored to specific needs and brand identities.
Our mission is to empower communities and champion equality by promoting ethical consumerism and sustaining heritage. Through authenticity, transparency, and sustainable practices, we support communities, advocate for gender equality, and champion traditional artisans. This is our stage. The brands are the artists, and together, we weave new stories and paint new pictures of contemporary African luxury.

What We Value

At WhatWeCherish, we value unpretentious consumerism by showcasing brands whose philosophies align with our core beliefs. We are committed to advancing exceptionally designed African crafts that promote heritage, skills, and culture. Our range of handmade products celebrates traditional techniques and the judicious use of materials that have endured through the ages.

Our values guide us in everything we do:

Integrity: Honesty in everything we do.
Respect: Passionate about our people, social and caring.
Innovation: Celebrating good design and good purpose, creative and joyful.
Excellence: Measuring success through sustainable profit.
Sustainability: Committed to caring for the planet.

We are dedicated to empowering women and highlighting women-led businesses. Transparency in support of sustainability is at our core.

The Founder

“We want Africa’s sustainable luxury design to take its rightful place in the world’s creative economy.” Melaney Oldenhof, Founder of WhatWeCherish

WWC founder and creative director Melaney Oldenhof worked a decade as a creative consultant and fashion stylist in New York City. As a Market Editor, Melaney noticed a lack of well-curated online offerings. She explored the market for sustainable craft luxury products in various countries, and what began to come sharply into focus for her was the under-representation of the market for African creators. Hence the birth of WhatWeCherish, a creative platform celebrating a future of honouring Africa’s sustainable luxury products that will forever remain in your home and heart. WWC’s mission is to showcase the art, talent and inspiring stories of African designers and the beauty of the handmade goods they create.

Sustainable & Positive Curation

We created What We Cherish to celebrate responsible and conscious brands that are expceptionally designed through an attractive and quality- driven webshop. We assess each brand and item on our platform with these symbols to show you, as a conscious consumer, why we love them and to help you to choose products that truly matter.