5 African Cities That Guarantee Summer All Year Round

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Looking to escape the winter blues? Look no further than these African cities that guarantee summer all year around. There are a few things more magical than an icy winter wonderland. A white Christmas is wonderful, but the sun cures post-holiday blues. The Southern Hemisphere’s sunny environment perfectly complements beach days, accessories, culture, and friendly faces. Swap freezing temperatures for a warm adventure in 5 African cities that offer summer all year round. 

Discovering Accra: Exploring Ghana’s Vibrant Capital City

Golden hour is as magical as it can get on the Ghanaian coastline. Photo by Dominic Awer Manesh | Unsplash

Bearing temperatures that average 28 °C (84 °F) throughout the year, Ghana’s capital city brimming with an abundance of sparkling coastlines is certainly worth the visit. Mingle with friendly locals, relish mouth-watering street food, and explore the golden sand on horseback at the popular Labadi beach. Soothe your skin to glow just in time for the buzzing beach nightlife and live music with the Nokware Skincare Aloe Vera Gel Shea Butter — a hydrating skin treat made from raw ingredients sourced in Ghana after a day out in the sun! 

Summer Vibes All Year Round: Discovering Nairobi’s Unique Charms

Enjoy the best of both worlds when you visit Nairobi. Photo by Grace Nandy | Unsplash

Located in East Africa’s most visited destinations, Nairobi is a spirited city with tons of activities, landmarks and entertainment joints to explore. Although Nairobi is a hub oozing with urban tourist activities, visitors can expect an abundance of nature and wildlife within the metropolis’ bounds. Pack a skilfully woven and stylish Dathonga Designs bag full of safari essentials to pop into the Nairobi National Park for a highly-recommended tour alongside giraffes, zebras, game and big cats. Fortunately, the gorgeous Dathonga Designs bags —  available to shop on WhatWeCherish — are super versatile for travellers who’d prefer to indulge in the colourful Nairobi nightlife, coastal offerings or even the spectacular parks and museums. 

Island Paradise: Beau Vallon, Seychelles’ Summer Perfection

Savor a blissful break in Seychelles. Photo by Dating Scout | Unsplash

Beau Vallon is the perfect pick if you’ve been searching for an idyllic honeymoon getaway to top off your elegant winter wedding. The picture-perfect island promises a tropical paradise with endless sunshine and soft sand that makes a great backdrop for the stunning designer towel and throw selection from Something Good Studio. Admire lush greenery, vibrant coral reefs and breathtaking sunsets while in the city and enjoy delectable fusion cuisine from food stalls and restaurants too. There is plenty to do in this escape, with an average winter temperature of 29  °C (84,2  °F).

From the Pyramids to the Nile: Exploring Cairo’s Summer Hotspots

Explore Egypt’s rich history in Cairo. Photo by Spencer Davis | Unsplash

For the adventurers, Cairo is a city of wonder courtesy of Egypt’s wealth of history and culture. See the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx or tour the city via hot-air balloon. The warm weather is perfect for outdoor activities but can dehydrate hair and skin. Suki Suki Naturals products on WhatWeCherish website can help. Pack the Papaya Rose Facial Mist for a refreshing break during your Egyptian explorations.

Marrakech, Morocco: Your Year-Round Summer Escape

Immerse yourself in the colorful cultural landmarks in Marrakech. Photo by Mehmet Ugur Türkyilmaz | Unsplash

Expect a myriad of cultures, colours and courtyards when visiting sunny Marrakech. See stunning gardens, architecture, and art. Taste, smell, hear, and touch a myriad of cultures, colors, and textures. Souk Semmarine offers must-have locally crafted trinkets and textiles. Blend in with a luxurious Tsandza Weaving scarf or shawl. Take pictures at city landmarks like Bahia Palace, Jardin Majorelle, and Musée Yves Saint Laurent.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an unforgettable summer full of culture, color, and adventure, check out the many African cities that guarantee summer and a great time. Explore Marrakech’s souks and landmarks, or experience the vibrant city life of Lagos, Accra, or Nairobi. You’re sure to make memories that will last a lifetime. So pack your bags, soak up the warm sun, and get ready for an African adventure you won’t forget!